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Available to all residents at Rivercrest, our newsletter is a great way to keep everyone informed and up to date.  Check out our most recent newsletter – Summer 2024.


Albertans are learning to live and deal with this unanticipated and evolving challenge. We highly support Alberta Health Services recommended vaccination for Albertans, particularly those involved in providing or receiving continuing care services and working with individuals at high risk. We are committed to protecting the safety and welfare of our staff and residents, and continue to implement the following government directives and measures:

Visiting Policy

  • Visitors are no longer limited in number, and the wearing of a mask is optional.

Operational and Outbreak Standards

  • Situation specific isolation and quarantine requirements remain.
  • Outbreak procedures will continue to be followed, and we have quarantine areas if needed.

Spotlight on Staff

We are fortunate to have dedicated and highly-qualified staff at Rivercrest Care Centre. We would like to introduce you to
Mallorie Salter – Director of Care/Site Manager.

I had the privilege of joining Rivercrest Care Centre in May of 2022 and feel so fortunate to be part of this warm and welcoming community. Prior to transiting to Rivercrest Care Centre, my primary focus as a registered nurse was Labour and Delivery at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. While I remain passionate about maternal health and wellness, I have always had a desire to return to work in continuing care after my wonderful experience as an undergraduate nurse at Sherwood Care. In continuing care, you are given the opportunity to build relationships, learn from and advocate for your residents in a way that is not possible in an acute care setting. In my short time here, I have watched my wonderful, compassionate, and highly-qualified team welcome new residents and provide personalized and meaningful experiences time-and-time again. It is an honor to be able to assist them with our shared goal of continual improvement in continuing care.

During my time away from Rivercrest Care Centre, I enjoy good food and spending quality time with my husband and daughter. I also spend as much time as I can volunteering with a local theatre company called Rare Form Theatre. I am proud that I can continue to serve the Fort Saskatchewan community by assisting the residents and families at Rivercrest.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

A little boy visits his farmer grandpa and watches him milk the cows.

The next day one of the cows runs away and grandpa is really upset about it.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa,” says the boy helpfully, “she can’t have gone very far with an empty tank!”