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Albertans are learning to live and deal with this unanticipated and evolving challenge. We continue to adhere to best practices regarding enhanced cleaning, ensuring good ventilation etc. and mandatory vaccination for staff in adherence to AHS directives; we highly support Alberta Health Services recommended vaccination for Albertans, particularly those involved in providing or receiving continuing care services and working with individuals at high risk. We are committed to protecting the safety and welfare of our staff and residents, and continue to implement the following government directives and measures:

Visiting Policy

  • Visitors are no longer limited in number, however visitors must continue to wear a mask in indoor common areas.

Operational and Outbreak Standards

  • Staff, students, volunteers and service providers must continue to wear masks.
  • Visitors must continue to wear masks in common areas.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes are in place.
  • Staff, students, volunteers, service providers and visitors must have a health assessment screening when entering the building (temperature screening is no longer required).
  • Testing requirements continue.
  • Situation specific isolation and quarantine requirements remain.
  • Outbreak procedures will continue to be followed, and we have quarantine areas if needed.
  • Mandatory staff vaccinations will be in effect as of November 30, 2021.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

A little boy visits his farmer grandpa and watches him milk the cows.

The next day one of the cows runs away and grandpa is really upset about it.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa,” says the boy helpfully, “she can’t have gone very far with an empty tank!”